Eve M. Cohen:  the basics.    

Based in Los Angeles. Local600 cinematographer. Ready to work both union and non-union projects.  I love a solid blend of everything—from independent feature films to television series, documentaries, and immersive storytelling/virtual reality.  But what I really love is collaboration and working on projects that blur the line between the real and surreal…bonus if there's a bit of magic.

I entered the world of filmmaking through the study of fine art painting and photography and holds a BFA in photography and an MFA in cinematography, both from UCLA. You can find my work on just about every digital platform available, many TV channels and even some art exhibitions. Adventures in storytelling are eagerly welcomed, as is new acquisition technology and new exhibition formats as long as it’s appropriate for the story.

Back in 2010 I was the director of photography of the truly independent feature film “Like The Water” (dir. Caroline Von Kuhn) which was the catalyst for creation of the independent community and crowdfunding platform Seed&Spark. I'm very proud to be a co-founder at Seed&Spark, where we believe the art of storytelling is about expanding imagination—shining a light on a world inside and deepening empathy for the world outside.

You can find out more about me on the G-Technology G-Team Site, my IMDB page, and Facebook.

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